is it bad…?

is it bad when your looking forward to your wife giving birth because it means you’ll have a good week to work on gentoo while you watch the middle child (oldest starts preschool next week, 5 days a week, oh yeah!)?

5 thoughts on “is it bad…?”

  1. Not bad for you.. but your hand is a different story. If you let your wife know, she’ll probably squeeze your hand 10 times harder while giving birth. Just remember!

  2. I recommend not telling her.

    We are also “expecting”.
    Another son should be incoming within a week.
    Middle son and oldest daughter are already in day-care, so instead I will be taking care of both of them for two weeks.
    Depending on what they want, I may have a few days “home alone” though, if they choose to go to day-care instead of staying at home.
    Hopefully, my wife wont disapprove of me letting the kids decide 🙂

    Good luck with your #3, we’re hoping our two will take in the new one just as well as the girl accepted her brother and wait a year or two before they start pounding on him for not doing what they want 😉

  3. LOL! He’s alright, hands are not in any danger, at least not intentionally. 😉

    No one is looking forward to the birth of this baby more then me. Besides its not me who has to approve his week of gentoo plan, its the two year old he has to worry about. 😀

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