Friend looking for a job in the portland area

For reasons that will quickly be apparent, my friend is currently remaining anonymous, but for once I thought i’d harness the power of my blog getting aggregated by so many engines for the forces of good (rather than the forces of mundane drivel it usually serves)(ha! drivel…)

You can go here to read what he wrote on craig’s list if you can help him (there is an annonymous reply address you can send mail to). The digest version is that when he was a kid, many a moon ago (he’s older than me if that says anything ;), he did some stupid things and has a criminal record. He’s a bright guy, knows his computers, and but of course knows gentoo like any good cronie of mine, but that decade+ record keeps crawling up and biting him in the arse. He’s got the skills, he’s got the drive, he just needs the chance. So if you’re out west and are in a position to help him, that’d be more than cool.

I’ll even toss in a free afternoon with mikey writing ebuilds…or…wait…i promise *not* to bug you for an afternoon about how to maintain the perl tree if you help him, yeah, that’s it, less of me being annoying 🙂

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