Perl 5.8.6 Roadmap

Not that there are probably anyone looking at this site, but given that most of my herd is awol or otherwise committed (and we aren’t that big a herd to begin with), I thought I’d at least put into writing what I’ve been musing over. First off, I’d like to unmask perl 5.8.6. Been marked ~ for way too long in my opinion. But before doing that, I’d like to go through the tree and finally mark those ebuilds that are superceded by the 5.8.6 core install, which should not only help with minimizing overrides, but should also lay the groundwork for breaking up the dev-perl tree (finally).

SiteValidator makes progress

After months of not having the time to work on it, I finally just sat down this last week and did it. I’ve gotten most of the bugs worked out now. Wish I could grok a way to load/access all of these conf files without hammering the running size of the job, since the cron engine piece sits in memory once started. To sum up what it does (since no one probably knows), sv connects to a website and does some validation – from as simple as a Big Brother-esque “is it up” all the way down to confirming that a navigation path through the site is functional. Would still like to get it reload those confs as needed, but I think my first problem is memory management. I know, in an age where its so cheap to get a few hundred megs of ram, what’s a few processes running at 4 megs a piece, right? But I’m not satisfied with that answer – for starters, its running at 4megs with only 6 validations running. If we bump this to include all of our old Big Brother clients, then that number could grow, and then it would be a problem. Ugh. My kingdom for a simple memory safe method for getting this data out!!

I again revile squirrells

Anyone who has been bored enough to talk to me at length knows that I have been fighting an on/off battle against squirells at our house. For those faced with this particular dilemma, if it isn’t mating season, fox scent (uncouth folks will refer to this as fox urine) works like a charm. A few dabbles and doses in strategic places (if at all possible, in a location than the squirells so that they think the predator can pounce down on them) works like a champ. Unfortunately, it is currently the start of mating season, and at least one lone squirell has found his way into our lower attic. That space currently smells rather ripe, but it doesn’t seem to be deterring the little rodent, so I’ve finally broken down and called in a “professional,” i.e. someone willing to crawl up there, lay traps, and come back to get them and release them somewhere far, far away. It is my hope that once the traps are laid, we will be able to call someone in to close the hole, and this will be an end to our squirell-escapades. I’m probably wrong, but I think this is the last place they are coming in from. And to think, as a child I loved the little furry bastages. But when you hear one over your head, chewing on your house that you don’t like anyway but gosh darn it you have to pay the mortage and its all you’ve got, you get at least a touch annoyed.

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