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Well, and yes this is somehow gentoo related, I spent most of the day trying to get kde-3.4.0 installed, stuck at kde-libs. Why kde? Still on a quest for the perfectly integrated time/task/email management, and thought I’d give the *cough*bloat*cough* kde stuff a shot (I tend towards light, light wm’s, but lately I’ve been itching for some candy gloss). Bugger of the problem was that after a gcc upgrade yesterday, libtool was all confused about where libstdc++ was in my path and bombing at the end of the long kdelibs compile. Unga. let’s hope we never lose bugs.g.o – finding old bugs on the subject saved me. Oh yeah. Um. Perl. Working it, working it…

itching still

Removed from the tree today:

  • dev-perl/Data-Dumper – Not sure what I was taking when this ebuild was initially added. Data::Dumper has been a core perl module for just about ever, and isn’t maintained outside the perl core install (in fact, the core install of >=5.8.6 provides a newer version than you can download independantly, and at the very least >=5.8.2 all provide the same version). No deps left in the tree for it, so unceremoniously it has been removed. If you have a real problem with this, might I recommend emerge perl? 😉

I’d intented to do more. I have four other packages with questionable ebuilds: Attribute-Handlers, Class-ISA, Getopt-Long, and Net-Ping, all four of which are provided by the core perl install with no sign of a non-core install update around that I’d like to remove once I get a hold of the long list of related package maintainers. I’m probably going to bite the bullet and revisit bugger‘s source code so I can handle my meta bug more easily. I’ve collected all of the needed information, I know what to say, I just need to post the half dozen or so bugs and dep the parent.

Trying out tomboy per recommendation – not quite what I was looking for, though I’ll keep it up for a few more days. I like having things more listable and checkable, and this just seems like a hyperlinks notepad on acid – cool, but not quite hitting that itch.

Alas – so many bugs, so many projects, so very little free time…

Final QA note, promise

At least for now 🙂 I will get back to doing some real work (that would be both at the paying job and here in Gentoo) now, but I have updated the perl map of ebuilds vs core modules, as well as adding my own vain attempt at listing aging ebuilds in memory of tampered. As with the old site, this chart is based on the age of the ebuild, not how long the keyword has been there, but that aside, aren’t the colors pretty?

So for the last week I haven’t done much bug squashing in ye old bugzilla. On the upside, perl bugs have stagnated, on the downside, still at a good 129 bugs involving perl@g.o in some way. I wish I was smarter, had more free time, and a good thousand helper monkeys (don’t think there’s a wish list possible for that) so I could whack-a-bug another 30 or so, but don’t hold your breath on it.

I have to agree with spyderous about devtodo (but dont’ let him know) – devtodo is great so long as you have the time and memory to keep it up to date. But I have enough trouble remembering what bug I’m currently working on, or what fabulous insight to my current code dilemma just escaped me, to be able to maintain the suckers. Then again, I’m chronically lazy, so that’s probably a good portion of the problem.

That’s all for now. Probably something more intelligent, or at least intersting, next time.

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