NANOWRIMO Checkin – Day 1

Good evening nanowrimo junkies! Welcome to my day one check in. I have to admit, I’m exhausted, and not quite at my word count for the day (1300 of the projected 1666 I needed to write per day to make 50k by the end of the month). As promised, the day one photo check in: I have a confession to make: last night, on the very eve of the great start day, I had a crisis of faith. I sat here, staring at the conceptual outline of my novel, and realized I hated it. The story was…meh. The worst part was the feeling that I couldn’t come up with a new story, and its not a new feeling. The last few months I’ve felt like there’s a disconnect somewhere in my brain. Maybe its all the blood pressure medicine messing with the blood flow and synaptic motion in my brain, but the ideas, they just aren’t coming.

And then I got a song stuck in my head.

I won’t reveal the song, but it was enough of a jump start to at least be able to get started. Let’s see how this goes!

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