For all my compiling peeps

Friends, family, countrymen…this probably isn’t for you. Not unless you’ve spent time reading, watching a movie, or playing some games waiting for gcc to bootstrap so you could build the toolset necessary to build gcc. Or, if you ever, ever had to write an ebuild. Oh, and anyone that’s ever worked on a binary distro and tried to break out to install an updated version of something. Come on, you all know who you are 🙂

Some quick funnies

Don’t know about you, but over here in Casa Cummings we’re wrapping up (literally) and finishing the sticker application, screwing together, minor carpentry that is Christmas Eve. So as you seek to unwind and rest for tomorrow’s festivities, a little bit of leveties 🙂   And yes, I’ve been holding onto these, some of them for over a week, just to share them all at once. Some funny stuff, promise!

How You Know It’s Not Santa « Whatever.

Holiday Greetings from Jig the goblin and Smudge the fire-spider at SF Novelists.

Three (3!!!) XKCD comics to lighten the mood:

2008 Christmas Special.

11th Grade (a tribute to perl).

Flow Charts. – I myself am puzzled by the conclusion, but chalk it up to the previous steps.