Stages of writing a novel, via Chuck Wendig

Scary confession time: I’ve never read a Chuck Wendig book. I want to, I do, if for no other reason than his blog on writing is always like a drunk coach cheering on the team before falling face first on the bench – a bit raw and candid, but full of inspirational points that leave you nodding even when you’re told you’re the team’s loveable screw up. If nothing else, I feel like buying a book or two would help show my support of his work. But then I worry that by buying into his work, I help fuel a real world In the Mouth of Madness, with Wendig as our very own Sutter Cane, and then I start writing crazy candid blog posts with that weird guy on the bike with the card in the spokes riding past me over and over and over…

Today, Wendig’s blog post is no different – a trip through the real stages of writing a novel. Personally, I’m somewhere between the 33% and 50% marker right now on my current WIP (really depends on where the word count ends up being – I’m aiming for about 75k, but maybe it’ll be shorter, maybe it’ll be longer). If you’re interested, hop over to read the Emotional Milestones of Writing a Novel. Or, TL;DR, the infographic is below.


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