Book Review: Throne of the Crescent Moon

Throne of the Crescent Moon (The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, #1)Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where to begin this review? A lot of people like to highlight that Saladin’s book is a nice break from Euro-centric fantasy, but to be honest, when you’re reading it, that’s not what you’re paying attention to. What you’re watching is the story and characters. Does Saladin deliver?


We’re presented with good characters and a classic but compelling tension. Something dark and evil is rising up, we have ghuls of all variety, a were-lion, a fighting dervish, magic, the mystery of the desert – where do we go wrong?

For me, the problem was twofold. First, I don’t think we had enough depth. The brush strokes are so broad that there’s a lack of definition with some of the characters. This might just be an artifact of the fact that its the first book in the series, and Salidan plans on giving more depth later.

My other problem with the story is that the end seemed a bit rushed. After so much time spent circling around the central mystery, the actual confrontation was a bit short and lackluster. Two sides meet and one walks away, in about as many words as this review will end up being.

Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed this book, and it was a fun read. My disappointment is because I expected more from the book than it actually promised. I settled on four stars because I felt it was a 3 1/2 star book with a lot of potential to be more.

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