The Tara Blog!

In all my moping and cluttering lately, I totally forgot to share this. Youngest daughter (age 6) approached us a few weeks ago with a simple enough request – she wanted to have a blog, some place she could put up recipes, pictures, and her own thoughts. I won’t say we (me) are likely to do anything our kids ask if its within the realm of reasonable (I am), but, well, we did. Stop by some time (she’s only posted two things so far, but then, that’s better than her old man lately!)

Is that a rocket…?

The following transcript is true. None of the names have been changed, because there are no innocents.

[BACKGROUND: For her third birthday, less than a year ago, Tara received (to her absolute delight) the toy rocket ship pictured to the right. This, perhaps, set the stage for all future events…]

[SCENE: Cummings household, 9AM EST, August 5, 2010]

Tara: Mom

Tara: Mom

Tara: Mom

Mom: Yes.

Tara: This is Earth.

Mom: Yes.

Tara: Earth is our home.

Mom: Yes, yes it is.

Tara: We live here. Not in Space.

Mom: Well, yes we do.

Tara: We could take a rocket to space.

[SCENE: At this point, soon to be four year old Tara wanders upstairs, talking happily to herself. In the following few minutes, there are loud bangs from upstairs and what could easily be mistaken as construction noises. Mom turns to Dad. ]

Dad: You don’t think…?

Mom: …that’s she’s building a rocket?

[SCENE: Dad exits, stage right, to go to work, leaving Mom to wonder if she needs to pack a lunch for a rocket launch.]