That’s the way it goes…

Today, on all Hallow’s Eve, the MythTv computer finally gave up the ghost and joined the choir eternal, to push up daisies with DVR’s of past lives. The MythTv box had the distinction of being the last real desktop in the house – albeit, not even serving in a desktop role. But at about 2 this afternoon, while trying to get a file off of it so I could show the kids another classic Universal Studios horror movie, it failed to respond. At first, I thought it was just turned off by accident. Alas, no, it refuses to respond to any of its power buttons. Its quiet, its somber, its dead, Jim. And I shall mourn for it, because it was our only means of recording CBS TV shows for later viewing (with my schedule as it is for the next few months, we can get everything off of Hulu except CBS. Now we don’t have a mean of getting Big Bang Theory or The Mentalist easily/legally).

And yes, I’m still on the fence about NanoWriMo.

It also stands to reason, just because I’m that lazy/slow, I haven’t finished that short story. I’ve made it to halfway through the editing process, but I’m slow going as I try and rewrite it as I go. On the upside, the kids and I have had a great day together, replete with another session of #rpgkids, movies, and general mayhem. And now we’re getting ready to head out for Trick Or Treating. Look out, neighborhood!

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