Friday was a good day

If you haven’t read Kim’s post, Friday was a good day. Unbeknownst to the kids, we had a plan. A secret, fun plan. The summer has been particularly tough on Katy, what with the broken wrist pretty much canceling so many of her plans. I had the day off, the kids went through their usual routine of going to swim lessons, then they came home for lunch. We waited around, then took them out – to the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair. The oldest in the country, it wasn’t quite up to the glitz of the state fair, but it was still pretty awesome. Getting there right when they opened (we may have actually been the second group to show up) really helped – we had almost complete run of the place, no lines, and just about every ride the kids were the only ones on. We ended the day with dinner at Friendlies and, of course, watching the Phineas and Ferb movie (“Across the second dimension”).

So without further ado, some obligatory pics of kids and Mom having fun 🙂

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