A blog post in which I admit I need a writing group.

English: This image is a reproduction of an or...I had another rejection arrive this week, a pleasant form letter from Asimov’s. It’s somewhat solidified a world view that I’ve been developing lately, when I haven’t been obsessing over other things in my life (READ: day job), and that’s that I really need some help with my writing. Not $200 a session help, but some impartial insight into where my stories are flailing behind the curtains.

I am, of course, referring to a writing group.

They do exist down here in Fredericksburg, or so I’ve been told, but the problem tends to be one of timing. It’s all fine and good to be high and mighty and say that if the craft is that important, you’ll make the time for it – but when juggling career and family, finding both the free time and applying it to when a writing group meets aren’t always feasibly. So I’m turning back to my roots, as it were. I’m looking online.

I’ll go ahead and put this out there – if you know of an online writing group that’s accepting of science fiction and fantasy themes (doesn’t need to be focussed on them, but a circle of elderly romance writers might not be keen on a story with zombie infested space carrots. Just saying.), please let me know. For my part I’m revisiting some old haunts, starting with Neal Asher‘s Gabble forum, where there used to be a writer’s forum floating around. Finding the time to pound words into a shape is necessary, but I am also admitting, I need help figuring out what I’m doing wrong when I set that hammer down.

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