Open Source Watershed

Ran across the Open Source Watershed this morning and found it very interesting/illuminating. One of the touted virtues of running a distribution like Gentoo always seemed to be that you had the latest greatest available when it was released, instead of waiting on a binary compatible build for your distro. Read more “Open Source Watershed”

Signs I’m getting to be an old fuddy duddy

This Houndstooth Fedora¬†caught my eye in Belk today. Fit very nicely, felt great, was only $30 (haven’t bought it yet), and its just the rage in the over 90 crowd.

Dear God, what is wrong with me?? A fedora?? Next thing you know I’ll want a pocket watch (have 2) and a nice overcoat, or better yet, a nice wool blend pea coat…

On the upside, all of these things look much better on someone of a more conservative waist size. And it is that time of the year folks, where we pledge to change our mind, habbits, and bodies to meet a new ideal. I’ll let you know how My Fitness Coach works out (arrives this week).