Hey, look at that, down to 137 today 🙂 And for anyone that wanders in here, yeah, bunch of bugs went into the last rev bump of perl, but that was to make it worthy of a full bump since the glsa actually associated with the bump was only for perlsuid users, the small use flag crowd that they are. Was pointed to, which reminded me about Module::Packaged, which further reminded me how out of date we are in the tree. I’m trying, honest, its just slow going. I’d love to bump that 137 down a few more notches before spending time just up’ing packages, but one battle at a time I suppose.

.ph cleanups in perl ebuild

There’s a bug open for this, don’t know the number off hand, but its been pointed out that after an upgrade of perl, we still leave the old .ph files around. Traditionally this has been because they are created after the emerge process, so there’s no simple way to track them. But then it struck me that I’ve written that nifty new perl-cleaner script, with its automagical ph cleanup. So I’m leaving this note, mostly to remind myself, that maybe I can look at incorporating the same process perl-cleaner uses in the pkg_postrm() block…worth trying when I have a few free hours of perl compile time (emerge old perl, add block to new, emerge new perl).

Priorities in bugs

No matter how much I work on these bugs, it seems like they continue to pile up. Last count had me down 10 more – which is back to the mid 140’s again. Arrgghhh. I think my next tactic is going to be weed through all the bugs for bumps and upgrades, do those; then do the new packages, or at least address them; then go through the “real” problems. And at some distant point, I need to grapple libapreq(2), mod_perl, and mason and deal with that set of bugs. Unga. And on a still Gentoo related topic, noticed in the recent Perl Journal that they’re looking for articles (something about fame and fortune being involved, though I have my doubts). Though I have a few ideas, I was thinking this might be an opportunity for me to write up a how-to on using perl with Gentoo, something along the lines of “why we don’t add all ebuilds; how to create an overlay; how to live with both; how to repair your perl install.”