A Thank You To My Personal Trainer

Day 59- Chrome Dumbbells
Day 59- Chrome Dumbbells (Photo credit: Jinx!)

First, you can stop with the guffaws – yes, I’ve been paying someone to help me at the gym because I’m too lazy as it is. And as she would tell you, I’m not even that great at it. I follow the diet best as I can, I go to the gym three times a week with my PT, but I totally suck at the supplemental exercise I’m supposed to be doing. And yes, its all my fault.

This thank you note, to all the world, is because today I went clothes shopping. I was able to confirm what had been hinted at in my own closet – I’ve dropped a size. Maybe that’s not significant to you, but given how long I’ve struggled at this size, its significant to me. What’s more, while my weight loss isn’t phenomenal, there’s definitely a shift from fat to muscle in my body.

If you stumble across this, mean woman that beats me at the gym and makes me do awful things that hurt – thank you 🙂

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