Vacation Day 1

Day 1 involved a lot of driving – the first third of the total 25 hours of drive time we’ll have this vacation. We met up with the inlaws, had lunch at the hardrock cafe (remember when the hardrock cafe had the most expensive burgers in town?? now with everyone else being so expensive, it was actually a reasonable price), then went off to the aquarium. Now I’ve been to the aquarium in baltimore, which is supposed to be all that, but I’m here to tell you, burried out here in tenessee was a really awesome time. The exhibits were amazing, and the rolling sidewalk part deserves mention. You get to stand on a sidewalk and be slowly corkscrewed through a glass tunnel in middle of a pool of sharks, stingrays, etc. *wow* – never in my life did I think I would look up to see a large shark laying on the glass tube your in, waiting for you. and its alive. and breathing. and the teeth are moving. Or the tiger sharks passing within inches of your face, close enough to see the rows of teeth in the gaping mouth, and to be able to tell who’s the boy sharks and who’s the girl sharks 😉

Day 1 – awesome. today we head off to dollywood. yeah 🙂