Looking back with 20/20 vision

I’m sure plenty of people will make a joke about 20/20 vision. Probably already have.

2019: what a year. I had goals and dreams, most of them dashed on the rocks of reality. A year filled with unexpected surprises, few of them good. I’ve mulled over this post for longer than I should. It should have been posted in late December, or at least last week, when the year was still fresh.

 Losing my parents this year was a hard blow, one I still haven’t quite recovered from. I miss them, in ways I never would have realized. It also put perspective on life, how I live it, and what I do with it. No grand resolutions, no heartfelt promises of change, in life or blog. But there are definitely things stewing, ideas and dreams that I realize now need to be realized or perish.

Welcome to 2020, friends. Now let’s kick some ass and chew some gum, and leave a legacy people will remember, whether that be in print or action, thought or deed. Let’s get it on.

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