A good day of writing

Just getting back from Pokemon League with the younger two, thought I’d post a writing update.

Hmmm…failing to blog for a while means not mentioning that that’s a thing now. So, yeah, the younger two like to go to the neighborhood comic book shop on Sunday evenings to play in the Pokemon tournament. They rarely win (though youngest is definitely getting better – last week a surprising two wins, this week one win), but they have fun and get to hang out with other people that like Pokemon, so that’s a win in my book (even if I don’t know the first thing about game, of my own volition).

Back to the writing. ahem My goals for the weekend weren’t quite met, namely because yesterday I wrote well below par. I’m not sure what my problem was, but I only managed about 1.5k words on the novel. Distracted, mostly. Ironically, today, a day I had less free time to work with relatively speaking, I have already topped over 3k, thanks in no small part to a #1k1hr on twitter earlier today. It felt good being reminded that I can do the long sprints and still have energy to write more, and that they don’t have to be marathon hour on top of hour long sessions to achieve something.

As a sign of my commitment to making more regular updates and sharing on the progress, I’ve added a tracker on the front page of the blog. Currently at 36% on the novel (assuming I write 60k total), which is surprisingly higher than I expected. But then, I can’t do math.

Ok, off to get ready for the returning Con girls. Have a great night!