No longer landed gentry!

I suck so bad at this blogging thing lately, I completely failed to post this update this week.

We sold the house in Virginia!

It wasn’t the easiest road. We had more than one occasion to be within days of closing only to have a buyer fall through and pull out. But in the end, and after an extension and a lot of hemming and hawing, we went to closing this week! Many thanks to our agent, Alex, for his patience with us (and at a distance), and the notaries we had to keep bogging down with mountains of papers as we tried to go to closing more than once.

Now that it’s all over, I’m actually of mixed feelings. I made a horrible homeowner, the pressure of knowing that if anything went wrong it was on me to take care of it was more overwhelming than I had originally expected.

Only. Only it was the home we brought each of our girls home to after they were born. We grew as a family in that house (some would argue, justifiably, to the point where we had outgrown the house years ago). Fourteen years in a home is a long time, and there are a lot of really, really good memories in that house. And towards the very end, I think we had finally found an equilibrium, a balance of lifestyle and interests and space.

I have no regrets on our move west, and I’m beyond thrilled that we were able to sell it, but I miss it a little too. Jut not snow, hurricanes, or any of the other extreme weather.