So that happened, a series of unrelated events

Seems like a lot has been happening around Casa Cummings the last few days, all of it unrelated. To kick things off, we’re pretty sure we got hit by lightening late last week. At least that’s what we’re calling it – there was a white, blinding flash at the same time as our brains tell us there was a weird popping noise and a vibration that I could feel through my feet. The only casualty in our house was our router and the surge protector it was connected to – everything else seemed to survive unscathed. This isn’t the first time that we’ve had a close call – ten years ago the house across the street got hit and the lightening traveled down the line and into our house, burning out a DVD player and a TV. All things considered, I think we fared pretty well this time.

Private home reference library
Private home reference library (Photo credit: warwick_carter)

In other news, last night I sat down and began writing again. I have reached a place in my initial outline where my brain is ready for me to start putting words down. I was nervous at first – it had been months since I successfully strung anything together. I’ve set up a goal date and word count, with an implied minimum word count per day (a fluid number, I realize, as days with bursts will offset the quieter days). But it has begun. Last night I put down the first 1k of the rewrite of “The Shambling Man,” book one in my urban fantasy series.

And as a final capper – after a year’s absence, I finally went back to the gym today. As I joked on twitter, I mention this not to gloat, but as a notation for future scholars. Day one is easy, I’ve had plenty of them. It’s repeating this every day, every week, for months that is the true test.

That’s about it for now. More on this gym and writing thing in the next few days (I hope).

N.B. – The photo on this page is apropos of nothing actually discussed. I just like book porn, and despite my desire and need to consolidate my physical book footprint in the house, find rooms like this to be intoxicatingly alluring.

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