A weak week later

Not intentional, but after hitting 60k last Sunday, I sort of took the last week off. I didn’t mean to – the first draft of the novel’s not done yet, and the 800 or so words I wrote last week that put me over the top have really been annoying me. I think they need to be completely dropped and rewritten, and I wish I could say that planning that is what has been occupying me this week, but its not. Mostly I’ve been toiling away at the corporate entity known as Monkey HQ, getting creative enough to write some copy for some Doctor Who merchandise, but largely dealing with life in IT.

But all is not pain and blood, to be sure. Last Sunday we went to the Belvedere Farms pumpkin patch, where Katy did face painting for the Girl Scouts while Anna, Tara and I killed time touching moon rocks, watching pigs race, and sliding down giant slides, which was a lot more fun than that made it sound like.

Of course, this week we carved the pumpkins that were bought at the farm for this weekend’s FA Fall Carnival. A lot of fun (and mess) was to be had, but the girls had a blast and that’s the whole point in the end. Heck, most of what we do around here is for entertainment or educational value, which sounds so weird when I write that out even though its perfectly innocent and harmless. (I’m being distracted as I write this by a game of Three Card Monty going on behind me – Anna, again, as ringleader in this “How did you learn this game…?” activity.)

This year’s Fall Carnival seemed to have a lower attendance than years past, but the girls still had a great time, even if there was the trauma of the bouncy tent collapsing with Tara inside (she’s fine). Katy even had a chance to try out fencing, which she was both surprisingly quick to pick up and apparently not bad at (despite inheriting my sense of balance and prowess).

And that’s how a week results in no writing. I should go now – the muse is pissed, and the girls are now arguing in French about Go-Fish, which is as surreal to hear as it is to write.



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