A fresh look

Browsing the other day, I found myself on an article over at http://danluu.com/. What struck me the most wasn’t what Dan had to say (or at least, that’s not all that struck me), but how bare bones the site was. No images, no complicated css, just text and more text.

I was smitten.

Blogs, my own included, have become so caught up in catching the eye and having visual appeal that I think I’ve forgotten that the heart of the blog is in sharing text with the reader. So I’ve found a theme that fits this more streamlined view – not as raw as Dan’s, but still fairly simple. I’ve removed a lot of the cruft that’s been hanging on to the site over the last year, the pages I wrote for using Scrivener or Storyist with Jamie Rubin’s Google spreadsheet scripts (I can still get that info to you if that’s why you stopped by – removed, but not deleted).

Let me know what you think. It’s a bare bones in places, but I think it does a decent job of giving what you came for.