Nanowrimo, day 9 check in

Just a quick update on the nanowrimo progress. Nine days in, still on target. I’m at just under 16k, which is right on track for finishing by about the 29th or 30th of the month. I have to say, so far this nanowrimo is going pretty smoothly. I think a lot of that has to do with the “practice” I’ve had this year. I may not write every day all the time, but I do go through streaks. Building up endurance during those streaks is paying off. I’ve been able to translate what I’ve learned from working on past novels into something useful this time around. Anywho, here’s the obligatory progress graphic:

What rough beast, its hour come round at last? NANOWRIMO is your name.

The setup for NaNoWriMo at home, if I need to be portable. Long exposure lit by sweeping an LED flashlight over the scene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Its that time of the year, I know it well. The air grows crisp and never quite thaws, the leaves turn from green to amber and fall, and another season of NANOWRIMO is upon us.

Last year, I sat it out. Work was a mess of holiday prep, and I had my own writing projects to occupy my time with. But as the first of November approaches, I’m giving it serious thought this year. My writing over the last year has been hit or miss, and largely, miss. I’m floundering, directionless, and without much to show for the little effort I have mustered together. I could use a focus, a direction to drive in.

So, I think this year, I’m going to dive back in. It might behoove me to spend the next few weeks coming up with one of those outline things – I’ve heard they work wonders, even when they’re just a few lines to describe each chapter. And what better way to get in the mood than to listen to the intro of a classic show about writing some stores?

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All Saint’s Day

I’d swear last year I kept a better running monologue of this, but looking back through the blog I seem to be mistaken. You see, today is November 1, which is both the first day of NANOWRIMO (the National Novel Writing Month), as well as historically the first day of beard growth.

And yes, the two are related.

You see, a few years ago (2009) I took it upon myself as a personal challenge not to shave until I finished that novel. And I did – but then I didn’t shave because A) I’d grown rather fond of the undergrowth on my face and B) although I had hit 50k, I wasn’t actually done with the damned thing, so I kept plodding ahead not shaving. The novel, by the way, is still unfinished, and the beard has come and gone, but the concept of November 1 marking the first day of the beard continues.

That tradition is going to be kept alive and well. But the question that still swirls around me is whether I’m going to be participating in NANOWRIMO this year (I know, I realize that it began today, so the clock is ticking).

Katy wants to do the kids version, and I believe in being a good role model. In fact, as I write this her mom tells me she’s already hit her word count for the day. I think this inspires both pride and jealousy, but mostly pride. Mostly. But maybe I should give the old NANOWRIMO a stab and see what bleeds out?


[UPDATE] And for those wondering at the blog title – when I started this entry, the fact that today is All Saint’s day was on my mind (something I remember observing when we lived in Germany in particular, but maybe that’s because of the cemetery that wasn’t that far away). The fact that I never actually got around to touching on that in this post, well, that’s just what you get when you start a blog post before you leave work and finish it during a late afternoon break.

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