Farewell, Genreality

I found my way to Genreality because Ken Scholes, a writer who’s work I adore, did a spot there weekly. Genreality was, for me, an absolute gold mine. Here were authors I knew (and didn’t), writing an average of one post each a week, about whatever struck them. Maybe this week was about the writing craft; next week could be a novel excerpt, an on the road anecdote, or a tip about keeping yourself sane. ┬áLike any gold mine, some weeks were hit or miss – sometimes you hit nothing but bedrock, and sometimes you’re hitting a pure vein of gold. If anything, though, that made it all the more real. And every Saturday morning, cup of coffee in hand, I’d sit down and read Ken’s latest article.

And now, Genreality is shutting down (though the site will remain up for reference). From my little corner of the multihedronous internet, thanks for everything, especially Sasha, Carrie, and Ken, who took the time to respond when we had questions and “pay-it-forward” when they could. Thanks, guys!

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