Well, I didn’t mean to write that.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve been trying to work with a new mindset lately. Almost a Badbury Method, though I think I forgot to mention the most important aspect. For now, it’s more important for me to write something interesting and enjoyable every day, even if I end up dropping the piece unfinished.

Excuse me?

It’s true. Some short stories seem like great ideas when I start them, but then a few hundred words in something peters out. Maybe the story isn’t working for me today, or maybe I just need to take a step away. This week I finished a story that I penned the original thoughts for back in May – then proceeded to write the whole story in a day and a half.

But back to why I’m blogging tonight. Today I sat down with a line stuck in my head, and ended up writing a flash piece of fiction. It was short enough that doing a redraft was trivial, and that left me with a finished product. Just sitting there. Waiting. To go somewhere.

So I sent it out.

According to my feeble accounting system, this is the first time I’ve sent something out for consideration in over a year. I don’t have high hopes – the flash fiction market is small, the number of submissions high, and my piece felt good, but didn’t feel over the top fireworks good. I will say it felt nice to have something head out into the wild again, though. Fingers crossed anyway!