I think I’m transforming into a certain time lord.

Arguably, it began with winter.

But let me back up. Working with a tight space (our house), my wife and I have become adept over the years at rearranging furniture and rooms to meet our current needs. When the girls were homeschooling, there was space dedicated to that. Now that they are back in private school, we shifted things around again to adapt to her business and my needs in what is commonly used as office space in our house.

The Doctor's Theme Edit 1
The Doctor’s Theme Edit 1 (Photo credit: Boyce Duprey)

That puts my desk, currently (because I wanted to be able to see outside) next to an old door. We don’t use the door, but it’s there, and as winter has settled in, so has the thinnest hint of seeping coldness. Mind you, recent blood tests show I’m running a little anemic these days, so I’m already sensitive to the cold (low iron and all that), but this winter I’ve really felt it. I did what any rational person would do (I think) – I bought a sweater jacket to wear around the house. Sure, I’m a bit like an old man now, but it keeps me warm, and it has pockets and goes with everything! (Of course, we know what old man that reminds me.)

The Fourth Doctor's impractically long scarf b...
The Fourth Doctor’s impractically long scarf became an iconic image of the character. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now this week, the cold is really settling in, as you no doubt heard me complain about yesterday. As I first draft this post, it’s -12 C, 11 F outside. Even by my reckoning, that’s a mite chilly. Going out is a layered affair, one that includes both my sweater jacket – and a certain favorite, twelve foot long bundle of warmth in a scarf shape. Possibly modeled after a certain Doctor’s scarf. Now, sure, there are additional layers involved, and that isn’t the complete ensemble, but you can see where this is going.

I’m in a transitional state right now. Before we even get a chance to see how Peter Capaldi does as the Doctor, we may be looking at yet transition – to me.

Think on that, my warm friends!


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The Vashta Nerada performed

For fans of classic Doctor Who, the Vashta Nerada, aka the show’s theme song, performed for your Sunday morning bliss.

Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme] performed by Traffic Experiment from Music by Traffic Experiment on Vimeo.

Back from the cabin

Luray Caverns
Luray Caverns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were a lot of expectations from me about our stay at the cabin, very few of which were ever realized. I had envisioned getting some time to write, peaceful mornings watching the sun rise, quiet evenings playing board games. Reality was somewhat of a different measure, in part because that idyllic vision would have required us to be there for a week or so, not a day or two.

Writing? Barely happened. I’m ok with that, truth be told, because I came home with my batteries somewhat recharged. While I may not have done much actual writing, I did a lot of thinking and looking and watching. I feel like I have a definite sense of direction and motivation now, enough that I’ve gone ahead and put a word counter back up on the website as a reminder that I am making progress.

In the end this wasn’t the completely relaxing vacation I might have hoped for, but it was wonderful to have some downtime with the family, without distractions or internet (or streaming!). We weren’t in complete isolation, mind you – the cabin had DirectTV, so we were able to watch the season finale of Doctor Who “live” for the first time. Of course, I wish we could have stayed longer. If nothing else, I think Kim was finally starting to relax, the Mommy duties uncoiling a little bit, only to have us back home and thrust back in to the usual life.

Important side note to folks planning on going to Luray – bring good walking shoes. Of all the things I had been prepared for, one and a quarter-mile walk down 160 feet below ground and back up was never truly appreciated until these tired, out of shape bones finished (and finish I did! Without a stretcher! And even dragging myself into the maze afterwards! Hah!)(all of that thanks of course to a stupendous, wondrous, overworked wife who may have said something like “if you think I’m doing that alone…”).

Did I mention how awesome my wife is? Coordinated, planned, and executed the bulk of the trip so that we never wanted for anything in our temporary home. Even the dog felt like she was at home the whole time.

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