Best. Day. Ever.

I have to share – yesterday was awesome. Or, as our youngest would sing:

Yep. Best. Day. Ever.

The morning started off well enough. For the third year in a row, Katy took part in the Great Train Race in downtown Fredericksburg, and for the third year in a row I stood at the finish line, filming her arrival. Its hard to express how proud I am of her. I’m not a particularly athletic person, and she’s inherited that somewhat. So knowing that every year, she practices and then runs a full mile is amazing to me. She isn’t doing it to win, or to place, she just likes going. How awesome is my kid?

And then Katy and I did something we’ve never done before, not in public.

We went to the movies and saw the Avengers.

First comment – sound systems in theaters have matured and evolved a lot since the last time I went to a movie. Too much. I enjoy movies with explosions, but I really don’t want to feel them in my teeth and bones.

Secondly – wow. The movie deserves credit where its due – its a great action flick. If you’ve watched the other movies leading up to this point (Captain America, the Iron Man movies, the Thor movie, and the latest Hulk, although the actors are different), this movie is the logical next step.

Despite the deafening sound effects, Katy and I loved it. It was cheesy, action packed, and fun, and the perfect reward after completing a mile long race. Joss Whedon (Firefly, Buffy – and a bunch of Marvel comics including the X-Men) did a really great job of not boring us with backstory for this movie. You want to know who Loki or Potts is? Then go watch those movies. This movie was all about how a team came together and stopped Loki from destroying the world. Simple enough. And I got to watch it with my oldest daughter, which 98% of the awesomeness of the day. Too much of the work week is plowing ahead to the weekend, and too much of the weekends are taking care of all the little things we avoided during the week and attempting to unwind. Its hard, for kids and parents alike, to get a chance to just enjoy some time together with the nastiness of obligations intervening, this weekend’s outing with Katy was refreshing and awesome. It may also have been topped the second she turned to me during lunch to inform me, “We’re such a geeky family. I love it, Dad!”

That’s not all of what made yesterday such a great day, but those are the highlights. I wish I could write these blog posts more often – the above could easily have been two posts, and that’s twice the fun reading in one day! I just haven’t figured out how people can write posts on the fly, as things happen. Not without giving up some component of depth. Maybe if I didn’t tweet as much? Or…something. Bah. Back to work for me 🙂