Reading spree drawing down

Well, the pox sent me into a reading fit. Believe me, if you’ve been home for daytime tv, you know why. Unfortunately, I had pox on my hands too, so using the laptop was a bit tough on the endurance – so I read. A lot. 5 books down in a week. Just finished the sixth book on my stack (before you think my budget opulent – public libraries can be grand folks), Terry Goodkind’s Pillars of Creation. Many of us readers of fantasy were drawn into Jordan’s little world back when it was supposed to be little and simple, greatly disappointed over time as his trilogy became a 10+ book epic that has gone so wide and far that one book barely encompasses a day in his unwieldy cast’s lives. Goodkind is refreshing – sure, there are 9 or so books in the series now, but he’s never introduced more characters than he can safely deal with. Pillars was no exception, and in fact a welcome change – it followed two characters we’d never heard of, weaving them in and out of the saga we know about until the conclusion brought it all together again. Hats off to Goodkind, I look forward to reading the next two books in the series (I fell behind).

Also picked up a copy of Tad Williams first book in his new series today. If you’ve never read the Thorn, Memory, Sorrow series by Williams, you need to march out and get the DragonBone Chair. Now. I’ll wait. Yes, the first 100 or so pages take a while to build into it. You’ll forgive him long before you get to volume three of the trilogy.

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