Priorities in bugs

No matter how much I work on these bugs, it seems like they continue to pile up. Last count had me down 10 more – which is back to the mid 140’s again. Arrgghhh. I think my next tactic is going to be weed through all the bugs for bumps and upgrades, do those; then do the new packages, or at least address them; then go through the “real” problems. And at some distant point, I need to grapple libapreq(2), mod_perl, and mason and deal with that set of bugs. Unga. And on a still Gentoo related topic, noticed in the recent Perl Journal that they’re looking for articles (something about fame and fortune being involved, though I have my doubts). Though I have a few ideas, I was thinking this might be an opportunity for me to write up a how-to on using perl with Gentoo, something along the lines of “why we don’t add all ebuilds; how to create an overlay; how to live with both; how to repair your perl install.”

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