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Sunday Is Gloomy
Sunday Is Gloomy (Photo credit: Hamed Saber)

I know, right on the heels of promising more posts, I go silent for a few days. Bad things come in three’s my wife always says, and there may be some credible evidence to that. Minor medical emergency this past weekend. I won’t bore you the random populace with the details, but everything’s fine now. Definitely a stab at our free time the last few days, though.

Ahead of me this week is a gruelling week of knowledge sharing at work, followed right on the heels by my flying out to San Francisco for new work. Against my better intentions, the next two weeks will either be very silent, or I’ll be bubbling over with things to share. Because that’s the feast or famine kind of world we live in, folks.


Now to salvage some of this Sunday morning before the kids come home and return chaos to our lives 🙂

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When it rains, it implodes – a week of news

Last night was a traumatic affair, but more of that later.

The real buzz in town this week (if you haven’t seen) is that I have put in my notice with ThinkGeek. After nearly five years, I’ve been offered an opportunity that after much crunching, wife and I agree is the right move. Next stop: Imgur! (NSFW possible warning if you aren’t familiar with the site and plan on peeking while at the office). Imgur is based out of San Francisco, which begs the obvious question – will we be moving?

Yes, eventually. In the short term, I will be working remotely (minus a trip to San Francisco the week of the 9th of June), with the goal of moving the family west as the next school year (2014-2015) comes to an end. Why wait? Because we are already locked into contracts for that year 🙂 Plus, time to try and at least spruce up the house a little bit. This has been brewing for almost a month now, which astute readers will realize matches up with when the blog started becoming a ghost town. I can only hope and work towards giving the blog – and you all – some attention again.

In other news, Kim spent many hours last night bailing water in the kitchen as the dishwasher became a non-stop waterfall. Everything was stopped eventually, but not before we took some water damage in the kitchen. The nice guy that came out today to do the initial drying then made a series of discoveries on the history of our kitchen. It was like watching Schliemann uncover Troy in there.

There are layers upon layers upon layers. I think we counted at least 4 layers before he discovered part of the kitchen actually still had hard tiles underneath it all, and the other part still had hardwood floors. The final toll is that there is some minimal damage and we have two giant industrial dehumidifiers that will be running as white noise machines for the next three or four days. Then we get to deal with whoever is next in the parade for fixing the damage caused by the guy that came through to dry it all out. On the upside, 13+ years of paying for homeowner’s insurance and we’ve never made a claim (probably should have at least once), so this should even that score.

Those are the big things. Further posts on writing and such to come 🙂

Books I stabbed this month

We’ll see how this blog posts goes, but I thought it might be nice to add some behind the scenes to this whole book review thing. Every month or so, you see the latest book review I’ve posted, and it’s always something positive. Why? Because I only report on the books I enjoyed, because the whole point is to share the joy, not the misery.

English: Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade...

But what about…the other books? I by no means spend all of my time reading books, but I do spend a good deal more than you might suspect. Some of those are just for me – books that I want to read for some personal interest. Some are sent to me by publishers for review, trigger bouts of anxiety and grief on my part when I have a mound of books leaning over me and nothing I was able to sink my teeth into enough to care.

Here’s the books that have occupied some of my time this last month…


  • Half a King – Joe Abercrombie. You haven’t heard from me on this one yet, but you will – it’s not due out until July, and the publisher prefers that reviews be held until just before publication.
  • Chasers of the Wind – Alexy Pehov. It’s tough knowing where the voice of the author and the voice of the translator collided here. Even knowing it’s a translation, I just couldn’t get into this. Something about the story didn’t resonate with me.
  • Murder – Sarah Pinborough. I’m still in the early pages of this book, a sequel to a book (Mayhem?) that I didn’t read, but I’m enjoying it so far.
  • The Deep Blue Good By – John MacDonald. Published in 1964, this is the first Travis McGee novel in the series, and for me. I can definitely see where an entire genre of TV shows, both from the 80’s and current favorites like Burn Notice, got their inspiration. It’s not as dated as you would expect, at least not if you’re already in your mid to late 30’s and don’t feel lost in a world that’s pre-cellphone.
  • Pacific Vortex – Clive Cussler. The first Dirk Pitt novel, I picked this up because I was in the mood for some fun, cheap action, and this book certainly provides that. I don’t know that I would ever confuse this with deep literature, but it’s definitely solid summer action reading. Of course, thanks to Sahara’s film release, I can only imagine Matthew McConaughey – never mind the lawsuit and disagreement between author and film – as Dirk, which both works really well, and ruins the experience a little at the same time.
  • 23 Years On Fire – Joel Shepherd. I feel guilty about this, especially since I’m really enjoying it right now. I got this ARC when this book first came out a few years ago, as well as ARC’s for the subsequent novels, and never had the time to look at them. I saw that there was a new book coming out soon, took a peek, and fell deeply, madly into this future world. I have a lot of reading to do to catch up, I know.
  • The Leopard – K.V.Johansen. I’m trying, but either there’s something wonky in the PDF conversion to my kindle, or the writing in this is just too dense for my brain to contain in spurt reading.
  • Ack-Ack Macaque – Gareth L. Powell. Entirely a guilt free, just for me read. Gareth posted a great blurb on the improbability of being an “aspiring” writer that really opened my eyes this last week. Buying this book was a lame way of saying thank you, plus it really is a fun, pulpy read.
  • To Honor You Call Us – H. Paul Hansinger. Amazon published books are a risky lot, in my opinion. I’ve had some pleasant surprises lately, like with the Garden of Stones. This is not going to be one of them for me. The author has, to me, an awkward way of presenting dialog as if its almost a transcript of a conversation instead of people talking.

The scary thing about this list is that this really only covers the last 2 or 3 weeks.


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