what memory problem?

I’m an idiot – that’s right, you read it here first. That resident memory size I was complaining about is unavoidable in a sense – after all, the size of the perl binary is a factor in any running perl process. Duh. So if I’m really worried about total memory usage, then I need to consider recombining the two processes (reporter and validator) back into a single entity, which I had avoided so that if one died the other would keep running.


In case anyone at all cares about the battle against the Squirrel Menace…we finally got someone out here to put down traps. It was a warm, sultry 50 that day. The next day it was below 30 and we got a good 6 inches or more of snow, burrying the traps. Figures. My heart was broken, the squirrel(s) were flaunting their ability to make tracks alongside the traps as they (she?) went in and out of my attic, and I was facing another long, drawn out fight to free my roof. Then yesterday, when the snow melted, I looked up and behold I did see the glory of the trap at work! That’s right kids, we’ve caught ourselves a real, in the fur squirrel. Now to get someone out here to patch that hole before her cronies attempt to move in. Not to mention getting the catcher back out here to remove the scrambling, irate squirrel from our roof.

Perl 5.8.6 Roadmap

Not that there are probably anyone looking at this site, but given that most of my herd is awol or otherwise committed (and we aren’t that big a herd to begin with), I thought I’d at least put into writing what I’ve been musing over. First off, I’d like to unmask perl 5.8.6. Been marked ~ for way too long in my opinion. But before doing that, I’d like to go through the tree and finally mark those ebuilds that are superceded by the 5.8.6 core install, which should not only help with minimizing overrides, but should also lay the groundwork for breaking up the dev-perl tree (finally).