Two seasons of classic Trek – at once!

This video is making the rounds today, so it only seemed fitting to share it with you all. The first two full seasons of the original Star Trek series – complete, uncut, and playing simultaneously.

This used to play on channel 50 (I think it was 50) at 5pm weekdays in the DC area when I was kid. I’d watch whenever we were staying with my grandparents, usually in my grandparents bedroom since the adults were using the other TV’s to watch real shows. Fools.

To be honest, I only remember the exact time because my Gran had dinner ready at 5:30 on the dot, every day, so it was a mad dash from 5:28 to the dinner table to try and eat dinner and be back at the TV before too much was missed, but without drawing anger and ire over rushing.

Such are young geek memories made, my friends.

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