Marvel Digital Comics: meh

All things considered, a fruitless day. Most of the day was spent just reading comics.

It was great.

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I took the plunge today and subscribed to the monthly Marvel Digital service, giving me access to their catalog of digitized comics. Which, all things considered, is pretty awesome. And I won’t be renewing.

Wait, what?

Don’t get me wrong, its been great today. I’ve caught up on the whole Planet Hulk saga (holy cow, I love the Hulk now!), I re-read the Ultimate Powers storyline, caught up on a few Spider-Man things, even introduced myself to a few new comics, good and bad. So why the bad rap? Because while I think its fully paid for itself, I can’t see paying for this long term. For starters, there’s only so much backlog I want to catch up on before I want the new stuff. And the digital subscription doesn’t include the new stuff! Not only that, but its specifically tied to a flash enabled web browser – so it isn’t any good on the iP* or other mobile devices.

And that’s where it all comes to an end for me. If I only have access to old material, and I can only read it if I’m sitting at my desk, why pay so much for it and then pay for new issues on top of that? Thanks, but no thanks.

OK, back to working on an outline (and maybe some comic reading – I do still have 29 days of free reading left 🙂 )

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