Blog Thoughts

So I was thinking to myself this morning, gee, wouldn’t it be cool if I could get a guest blogger on here? Someone that had some recognition and that wouldn’t mind lending a few minutes to spout off on a topic?

At which point it struck me that the biggest problem with that is that this blog has no direction or focus to make it worth it for someone to stop by and do a guest post. There are just as many posts on writing as on general life in the Cummings household, Gentoo (if you did enough, anyway), and a few other random tangents over the years. This almost suggests to my coffee induced mind that perhaps what’s needed is a new blog – but am I up to the task of maintaining two blogs when I can barely maintain this one?


Maybe, if I don’t treat it like a dumping ground for random videos and thoughts, but instead focus on it as a legitimate avenue to talk on a subject. Ye gads. That would mean organizing posts on subject, planning ahead, and having a deadline (new posts posted Sunday morning, for ex.). Is it worth that when there are so many other sites out there?

Something I’m pondering. Along with how to translate mental images of half visualized scenes into a coherent outline. You know. Minor stuff.