Warehouse 13 and a word or two

The perfunctory first – today’s word count was 631, bringing me up to 55,246. I’m hitting a good stride, which is both a good and scary thing, all at the same time. Oh yeah:

Tonight I caught the first episode of Walking Dead on Netflix streaming – meh. I think part of the surprise and joy was drained because I’d already read the first volume of the graphic novel it was based on, so it wasn’t really a big surprise episode for me. But right now I’m chilling to the first episode of Warehosue 13, a show I didn’t start watching until the end of the first season. Awesome 🙂

And I know, Netflix has gotten a lot of criticism of late, first for saying they needed to finally raise prices, then for wanting to split their business into separate DVD and streaming distribution centers, and then finally today for announcing they wouldn’t split because people bitched and moaned too much.

Yeesh, folks. Seriously? This is what we complain about? You see, we’ve been customers since before there was a streaming service, back when it was just DVD’s. Then they offered this cool little feature where you could watch some old movies on your computer. Fast forward, progress is made, and they are now offering mostly current movies streaming. And over all this time, there has been very little change in price or service. How fantastic has that ride been? Except that businesses need to make a profit. So I’m fine with it so long as we keep getting cool shows and movies on our TV/X-box with little fuss.

Bah. I can’t believe I blathered that much about it. Time to get back to the Aztec bloodstone.

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