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Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard.

Having made the decision to plunge into NANOWRIMO this year, I’m trying to excise all of my usual procrastination habits now so that they’re out of the way when November comes along.

The first thing I tackled today was to “organize” my music, which is really to say that I went through the extensive collection of classical tracks (over a week’s worth of solid, 24 hours a day listening for 9.9 days) and tagged everything by composer. Why? Because…I don’t know why, to be honest. At the time, it made perfect sense to be able to effortlessly play a collection of Brahms or Grieg, but in hindsight I’m not so sure about that. After all, even as I type this blog post I’m listening to pandora, and chances are good that’s what I’ll be doing as the mood strikes in November.

The second thing I did was go through my “collection” of keyboards. In some ways this is just an affectation of the modern writer – where in the past the (aspiring) writer may have had a favorite pen or three, I have keyboards. There’s the ergonomic keyboard (which I’m on now), the flat keyboard, the big mac keyboard with the old school keybashing keys, there’s the spare, and at least one more. Too many? No! No. Ahem. Each keyboard has a purpose – some to relieve a certain mood (the sound of keys bashing), some to relieve a certain pain (the cramping of fingers after the first thousand words have been torn to shreds so I could start over with a fresh batch), and others because they have pretty lights that glow in the dark on the rare occasion I have the lights out downstairs, so, never.

Tell me I’m not the only one with multiple spare keyboards. Someone.

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