I again revile squirrells

Anyone who has been bored enough to talk to me at length knows that I have been fighting an on/off battle against squirells at our house. For those faced with this particular dilemma, if it isn’t mating season, fox scent (uncouth folks will refer to this as fox urine) works like a charm. A few dabbles and doses in strategic places (if at all possible, in a location than the squirells so that they think the predator can pounce down on them) works like a champ. Unfortunately, it is currently the start of mating season, and at least one lone squirell has found his way into our lower attic. That space currently smells rather ripe, but it doesn’t seem to be deterring the little rodent, so I’ve finally broken down and called in a “professional,” i.e. someone willing to crawl up there, lay traps, and come back to get them and release them somewhere far, far away. It is my hope that once the traps are laid, we will be able to call someone in to close the hole, and this will be an end to our squirell-escapades. I’m probably wrong, but I think this is the last place they are coming in from. And to think, as a child I loved the little furry bastages. But when you hear one over your head, chewing on your house that you don’t like anyway but gosh darn it you have to pay the mortage and its all you’ve got, you get at least a touch annoyed.

Priorities in bugs

No matter how much I work on these bugs, it seems like they continue to pile up. Last count had me down 10 more – which is back to the mid 140’s again. Arrgghhh. I think my next tactic is going to be weed through all the bugs for bumps and upgrades, do those; then do the new packages, or at least address them; then go through the “real” problems. And at some distant point, I need to grapple libapreq(2), mod_perl, and mason and deal with that set of bugs. Unga. And on a still Gentoo related topic, noticed in the recent Perl Journal that they’re looking for articles (something about fame and fortune being involved, though I have my doubts). Though I have a few ideas, I was thinking this might be an opportunity for me to write up a how-to on using perl with Gentoo, something along the lines of “why we don’t add all ebuilds; how to create an overlay; how to live with both; how to repair your perl install.”