bye-bye spammy

Caught up in the flurry of activity over finally renewing my domain (yes, I stayed with network solutions, not for price or anything sensible, just for speed/ease so I didn’t forget – maybe next year will be the godaddy year), I went ahead and did the unthinkable – if you aren’t sending mail directly to me, then you aren’t sending it anywhere. I’ve dropped the global catch all on mail to the domain, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to drop a few thousand spam-a-day messages, at least back down to a manageable hundred or so 🙂

when you write a cgi to interface to the commandline blogger…

This is sad…I just spent part of my morning writing a CGI interface to nanoblogger, the blogging engine who’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t have any bloated interface aside from a command prompt. And I did it because although I love the output of nanoblogger, I’m too lazy to log into a server every time I want to make an update. Ack. Surely this is a sign of an impending doomsday?

Waking up

OK, waking up from my little dazed days of mourning (big birthday last week has left me out of sorts with life). Looks like the module-build bugs have trickled down to nothing. Word to the wise when making a change like that – go ahead and emerge -f every version of every module in the tree, then tar {j,z}tvf it to make sure it isn’t going to trigger your secret foo QA check.

Speaking of QA, spent some time with a chroot this morning and came up with this, an as good as I can get it listing of every module installed with the perl core, with versions, back to 5.8.2. The bored pathetic scripts I wrote to do the dirty work are linked in the article, I don’t care about cleaner, nicer versions, I just needed them to make me some output, they did, I’m happy (well, not exactly, but you know).

Now if I could only remember where I put that left-handed-nano-wrench…