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IO::Socket::INET: Permission denied???

OK, I’m putting this out there because the issue is hard to track down. I’ve been toying with Net::LDAP at work, and on a few servers I’ve run into the situation where a script using Net::LDAP works fine on the command line, but when accessed via apache, it failes with IO::Socket::INET: Permission denied.

What the heck, right??

OK, so it turns out its all SELinux’s fault. I’m not going to delve into the nuances of what you should and shouldn’t do with your SELinux config, because it s a good thing when used well, but if you find yourself scratching your head on why a CGI works fine everywhere, including the server you want to run it from, but fails to run via the webserver, check to see if SELinux is blocking you.

Thus ends today’s PSA for linux geeks.

Weekend of extremes

Well, this weekend is shaping up to be a weekend of extreme highs and lows already. For those tracking me in #nanowrimo, yesterday was a complete dud. We were having an issue with a mail server at our colo this week, so I stayed at work late last night to monitor some testing/fixes by our netops staff (thanks John!). To idle my time away I also got our new LDAP and vmware servers up and running, worked through a few bugs therein (stupid vmware server 2.0.2 on x864/centos 5.4/glibc bug!), and by 1am was able to say with happiness that A) I actually did very little to help resolve the mail problem other than moral support, B) I’m ready for users to login into their shell/mail accounts with LDAP, and C), I’m just shy of putting into place my autodeploy virtual machine solution for the developers at work (the system is built, just need to redo it for the permanent hardware).

All of which adds up to 0 words written in nanowrimo.

To balance these highs, Zoe has had a serious relapse of the condition that brought her down 5 months ago. Tara and I are off to take her to the vet in a few minutes while Kim and the other girls go to a nut sale for the Girl Scouts. I’ll post more about Zoe as it becomes available, and hopefully have the time/energy/will to do some writing for nanowrimo this weekend. I probably won’t be on email/chat much if you’re looking for me this weekend, but if you know me well enough to be looking for me, you know my number 🙂

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