Does Cummings Actually Write?

I’m in a bit of a doldrum, folks. I am committed to finishing the first draft of this fantasy novel. The problem is, life’s insurmountable distractions aside, the capricious thing I call a mind is trying to convince me that the story is boring. That it’s time to move on to work on other things, more exciting things. Everything on the other side is shiny and new and untouched, and the fantasy novel is dull and boring and uninspired.

That might actually be true. It doesn’t matter, but it might be.

So why continue ploughing forward? Because I feel this way as I draw to the end of every novel. I know there are flaws in this draft – the hints I started the novel with that I never brought up again. The guns I placed on the fireplaces but left to collect dust. The shape of the novel evolved as I wrote, but I’m letting the part of me that knows there’s inconsistency cloud my judgement.

So it’s time to write it forward. I’ve said this before, I know. Frequent readers have heard me pledge I’m going to speed this up and finish writing, and yet here I am a month later and barely 10k further along.


To answer the question – I cannot say with any alacrity that Cummings has written lately. A few thousand words here and there, but nothing that distinguishes me as a writer. But I’d like to finish this novel before GeekGirl Con, which means I have just over two weeks. If I apply myself, that should be enough time. I’ve been using Novlr for the last few weeks, and really appreciate it as a soon-to-be scrivener online. I’m working through a bug with the developers (my most recent chapter is being moved around on me), but that aside really enjoy the app. Plus, it lets me utilize my Chromebook completely now, which is always a plus.

OK, enough babbling about that. I need to get some work done so I can settle in for an intense writing session later.

I’m sorry I stared

I’m sorry I stared.

I can’t help it. It’s a curiosity born of intrigue, a deep abiding need to know.

Is this your first time reading about Rand and the heron marked blade? Or is this your Catcher in the Rye, a book you read until it is rags and then buy a fresh copy to start anew with?  Have you never been to battleschool with Ender? Has Lilith learned about the trade she made to save humanity? I don’t mean to stare, honest. I’m too shy to walk up to you and ask these question. Too afraid of your reaction when I ask, has the Prism revealed his hidden, dark secret yet? Do you dream you can cast in shades of red, or is it all green?

To all of the folks that don’t spend their entire ride staring at a phone or playing their music real loud while pretending to be cool, but instead sit, stand, and lean with a book in their hands – you are my heroes, my inspiration. Occasionally I see a few of you on the same car, and I get excited. Maybe this is a clandestine meeting of the book readers club, those folks that would rather a well worn paperback as they move around the city, meeting in the warrens of the transportation system as they reveal the hidden worlds they have found.

But I’m sorry I stared.

A Moment Of Clarity

This blog post isn’t really for you, sorry. It’s for me.

This blog post is to record the date of the day when I had a moment of clarity on my current WIP, The Goddess Unbound. Less than an hour ago, I had a realization. To understand what my mind felt like at that moment, I give you this random youtube video. My mind is the water bottle, my thoughts the water.

That’s right – I realized something that crystalized everything at once, a pure and complete vision born of the liquid chaos of my mind.

Without giving anything away, I realized that The Goddess Unbound, The Dragon Queen’s Bride, and A Mountain Fell From Heaven are all part of the same story thread. The heroes change, the cast shifts, but they are points in the same story thread.

Realizing that, I now understand what was missing in DQB and AMFFH, the component needed to finish them (each one was just shy of 100k words when stopped). I am so excited and over the top right now, I don’t even know if I can do the writing I’m supposed to be doing. Plus, this is even the blog post I had planned to write today, but that seems so mundane in comparison.

Just to recap the post that won’t exist – sorry for the silent treatment. I finished the final edits (I think?) of Chrysalis (New Adult/Urban Fantasy) this week, and am about 80K into The Goddess Unbound (Epic Fantasy). I’ve started sending out queries to agents for Chrysalis, and this week I plan on taking part in #pitmad to see if I can get some traction. Writing had a bit of a hiccup – work stuff, as usual – but is starting to grind back onto track.


I know. A lot to take in. It’s ok. Where was I?

Right. Writing. It’s a thing, I’m doing it, and watch out, it looks like I’ve done a lot of it and it’s all about to come to a tipping point.