More E-book fun

As I pointed out Friday, sometimes Amazon offers the same book in kindle format twice – for different prices. Today’s find during a random browse:

King’s Shield: Book Three of Inda by Sherwood Smith for $7.19


King’s Shield by Sherwood Smith for $6.39

Now, I’m not familiar with the series personally, but I suspect that the extra 80¢ is to cover the extra four words in the title, at a premium rate of 20¢ per word (colon was free). I can only guess these were based off of different editions of the print edition, because scrolling down I see that the more expensive version is 5170kb and equivalent to 608 printed pages, but the slimmer priced model is 1082kb and the same as 704 printed pages.

Not sure why I’m taking pleasure in these little finds. Maybe its to say double check your purchases, because sometimes the better deal is in the same store, different aisle. Or maybe its just fun to poke fun at amazon (supplier of most of my reading material by the way, so I probably shouldn’t poke fun at the dealer that supplies my particular flavor of heroin).

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