Just a quick shout out – my friend, mentor, and all around OS pal Dan has jsut released the first test pre-beta not-ready-for-live version of his ChiMeRA project. Dan and I talked at length about this at yesterday’s lunch, and conceptually its really cool – but he could use some input from somewhere outside the vacuum he’s been working in 🙂 So if you’re a linux/unix kinda person, or have cygwin running on all your windows boxes, give it a swirly whirl. It’s a toolset for managing your boxes simply from a single point, aka like webjob but without some of webjob’s hangups and flaws (don’t get me wrong, webjob has its strengths too). Anywho, I’m just doing an additional shout out without his knowledge – check the page out, maybe download it, I know Dan would welcome anything you have to say about it. (download here, but you may want to get a glance at the docs in progress first)