SiteValidator makes progress

After months of not having the time to work on it, I finally just sat down this last week and did it. I’ve gotten most of the bugs worked out now. Wish I could grok a way to load/access all of these conf files without hammering the running size of the job, since the cron engine piece sits in memory once started. To sum up what it does (since no one probably knows), sv connects to a website and does some validation – from as simple as a Big Brother-esque “is it up” all the way down to confirming that a navigation path through the site is functional. Would still like to get it reload those confs as needed, but I think my first problem is memory management. I know, in an age where its so cheap to get a few hundred megs of ram, what’s a few processes running at 4 megs a piece, right? But I’m not satisfied with that answer – for starters, its running at 4megs with only 6 validations running. If we bump this to include all of our old Big Brother clients, then that number could grow, and then it would be a problem. Ugh. My kingdom for a simple memory safe method for getting this data out!!