#nanowrimo update

Somehow, despite yesterday’s mishap of oversleeping, I managed to hit my day’s goal and reach 32k words. According to yWriter’s word counter, just under 2k a day will get me there. The hard part will be next week, convincing my parents that I really need to be on the laptop instead of visiting with family I haven’t seen in years (ok, that was selfishly wrong, of course I’ll visit while typing).

Yikes. I can’t believe I might make it to 50k by the 30th. And by that, I do mean submitting my obfuscated text in the late hours of the 30th after driving 13 hours and stumbling into the house to finish writing.

I will confess that on Dec 1, the number of words in the novel will plumit dramatically as I take out the bits I couldn’t afford to take out and meet nanowrimo, but that are only vaguely bridged to where the novel is at now. I’ve read and reread the forums, and this is considered normal. The goal is to continously write on the story for the month and reach the 50k mark. The goal is not to be able to say what you’ve written is any way  like a final draft. I’ll just be excercising the editorial right a little early 🙂