The blahs, a birthday, a wedding, and a head cold, yay!

I feel compelled to post something, anything, if only to assert that I’m still alive, but I really am empty of blogginess right now. Mostly, the space that a blog entry would occupy is being filled with an abundance of head cold, turning everything into a droll, dreary, stuffy haze. Somewhere in all of that, though, I have managed to put in 60k on Aspect Ratios – despite having a birthday and attending a wedding in Virginia Beach (all in the same day)(congrats again Rose’s!). I realize that most of today’s blockbusters run in the 100k range, and even though I’m not quite done I know it won’t be that big, but I’m still pretty proud. That’s 60k even after I’ve cut out so much. I’m pretty proud of that, folks. Its even halfway readable right now, which is a real victory.

OK, I was hoping that this blog entry would help loosen up the words a little, but so far all I’m getting is a return of the mind haze. Maybe I’ll try this again later this week. Later folks!

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