A quick guide to Monty Python

Imagine my chagrin at learning that there are people out there – people I like! -that only know Monty Python from a few movies? Sure, the Holy Grail is good, and Life of Brian has its moments, but the real genius of those lads was in their sketch work. So I present to you some favorite sketches – enough to know if its worth deciphering 70’s British culture to watch the series.

We should start with the Lumberjack Sketch. Is there nothing finer than the smell of the pine?

Speaking of pines – there’s nothing like pining for the fjords with the dead parrot sketch!

If that was unexpected, then you should take heed – no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

At least they weren’t Hungarians, guess.

And always, beware…the llamas!

And of course, the cheese shop!


I hope you laughed. If not, I can find more clips 😉

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