cool, oops, and sorry

A buddy of mine at work, the guy that got me into tv recording, recently asked for my opinion of the pvr 150 card and mythtv. I was hesitant, trying not to push them too much (love em both), but he ultimately decided to go with the recommendations. For mythtv users, you’ll get this: he spent a day just repeating over and over, “I can skip commercials now.” πŸ™‚

As for the oops/sorry. I’ve been sitting on this list of ebuilds in dev-perl that aren’t listed as dependencies anywhere. I’ve trimmed the list down a little, because some of them I knew had good justification. But then I sent the list on to gentoo-perl@ and gentto-dev@ without giving a heads up to the rest of the perl project. So let me take a quick second here to justify what I was thinking of. We push g-cpan on a lot of users, explaining that we are not looking to replicate the entirity of cpan, and that whenever possible we prefer for personal use that use g-cpan instead of asking us to add an ebuild to the tree and increasing that bloat. dev-perl accounts for about 12% of the portage tree if my math skills aren’t completely dead. That’s a lot for a set of ebuilds that are only supposed to be around to add support, you know? Not to compare us to other distros, but the other guys, they don’t try and cram absolutely everything under the hood. That’s why they have external repos from their main tree. And when I watch my slower boxes attempt to emerge –sync, I can see the rationale in that. So I sent that list in to get feedback. I didn’t mean to upset anyone else in the perl project (which was the impression I got from ian on irc today), I don’t plan on going crazy and just whacking ebuilds without consultation. I would, though, like to see the size of dev-perl get slimmed down, both in terms of redundant ebuilds (you know, those places where we have 10 versions of a package) as well as in the ebuilds that were added for a reason that never materialized (like the ones added in support of a new ebuild/package that never actually made it into the tree).


Read the state of the onion last weekend, I have a short draft of something I might post if I finish it in time πŸ™‚

Final note: I would like to give a moment’s silence for Nick Ing-Simmons, who passed away on the 25th from a heart attack. Though I never met him, his presence was well known even on the fringe’s of the perl community.