ok, maybe not a “republic”

In a reply i left to a comment in my last post on the subject, I tried explaining to rol that “maybe in reading these rambles the pieces will fit together for someone and they will be carried by this wave to the solution.” Maybe not. But seemant in his Conti-NEW-ation post actually did by accident. by expressing his desire to be the glue again (my words, not his), and to me this is a good stepping stone to what I was rambling about. Having someone act as glue, as a coordinator of sorts between folks and projects, not for the purpose of telling them what they have to do, but for the purpose of bringing talents together that might not otherwise have done so, that’s the kind of thing we need. Every time in the past I thought about addressing this topic, I’d do some research and discover that Gentoo was in fact doing a lot of cool things that I had no idea about, active code projects, the works. But it tends to be small select segments of folks that were already working together on something (spanky is the exception to every rule folks). Having someone act like a human glue stick would go a long way to getting people back to feeling like they’re part of something more than just being an ebuild jockey (if that is there wish – hey, to each his own, right?).

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