No more recaps. No more filler.

This blog post is not a recap. I will not bore you with the minutia of my personal life the last six months. I’ve wondered if blogging – or at least my participation – was finally at an end. Imagine my surprise when I found myself typing up this post, then.

Unfortunately, I have no news to share. I stopped calling myself a writer for a while – after all, writer’s write, and I wasn’t doing that any more. Except that lately, I have been. A few new short stories are floating around the aether right now, and my weak stabs at outlining have recommenced.

OK, because life is fraught with continuous driving when you’re the father of three kids in their teens, I’m just going to leave this post here to be an easter egg in your RSS readers. Later today, I may even clean up the Goodreads feed so it’s closer to accurate.

Until then, here’s the article I’m mulling over today: Outline The Hell Out of Things, courtesy of Jeff Patterson (@jeffpatterson11) who answered my call for help on twitter.