A little summer treat. This isn’t the final draft – I’m not even done writing the book, to be honest – but this is the back cover blurb I’m working with as motivation for The Mermaid’s Tears. Enjoy!

Kanya has a plan. She’s aware that there is a Writ of Blood out for her and others like her. She doesn’t know who is behind the plan, or why, but she has an idea of what for. But she doesn’t want to be another statistic. She hatches a plan, enlisting her lover to help her. But first, she has to kill the competition.

Niki is tired. She’s been working for the Moth Queen for over a year now, a constant stream of incidents that have left her with only one conclusion: the world is a fucked up place, and she isn’t cut out for dealing with it. She wants out, and even goes so far as to tell Ganymede that. But when she returns home afterwards, she finds Evangeline waiting for her. A body has been found with her face. Something precious known as the Mermaid’s Tears has been stolen from a patron of Evangeline’s. And Evangeline thinks the two are related and only Niki can help.

  • Who was Niki’s look-alike?
  • Why was she killed?
  • What do the Mermaid’s Tears have to do with it?

Meanwhile, a mysterious man enters Niki’s life. He seems to know her – and her desires – better than she does. But is he the dream man she never knew she wanted, or something darker? Niki hasn’t shaken the feeling that her mother’s death was bigger than the fallen god that killed her. Could it all be related?

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